Trademark registration in Colombia

The trademark registration in Colombia, as well as the management of patents and copyrights, is a service that is part of the basic needs of any company or dealer and it constitutes the cornerstone of the strengths of Cárdenas Vega Asesores. By hiring our services you put your most valuable assets in good hands.
  • Intellectual Property
    Management of trademarks, patents and copyright
  • Commercial Contracting
    Review and drafting of commercial contracts
  • Unfair Competition

How to register a trademark in Colombia?

Our firm has experienced professionals who will assist you during all stages of the process of trademark registration through personalized and first class service.

To start the registration process, we suggest considering two important steps:

Step 1. Trademark search: Before proceeding with the registration process it is advisable to conduct a trademark search history, in order to determine whether there are potential obstacles to the registration of the mark of interest. From the results obtained, within a period not exceeding 24 hours, Cárdenas Vega Asesores will give a full analysis to establish the feasibility of getting your brand and the various measures that can be taken before starting the registration stage.

Step 2. Trademark registration: By hiring our services, during all stages of trademark registration, our firm will provide personalized service through regular reports of the status of your process until we physically send the registration certificate attesting you as holder of the mark of interest.

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What are brands?

Brands, within the legal language, are signs that serve to distinguish the goods or services of a businessman in the market. However, in the broad sense, they can be defined as a synthesis of functional and emotional elements that ensures future earnings based on the loyalty of the clients of a business.

On the other hand, slogans are words, phrases, or captions used in addition to a brand, which in turn serve to increase its distinctive character. Examples of advertising slogans are: "I’m lovin’ it" (McDonald’s); "Just do it" (Nike); "Think different" (Apple) or "La meta la pones tú (The goal's up to you)" (Milo).

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Steps for registration of a trademark in Colombia

The trademark registration is an administrative process that takes place before the Superintendent’s Office of Industry and Trade and consists of the following steps: 1) Submission of application, 2) Form examination 3) Publication 4) Opposition of third parties and 5) Background examination.

This process takes approximately seven (7) months, if there are no obstacles such as opposition from third parties.

Our firm has experienced professionals who will assist you during all stages of the process of trademark registration; i.e. prior to the start of the process, during the process and after you obtain the registration certificate or diploma attesting you as owner of your brand.

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Types of marks

The most important types of marks are:

1. Word marks.
2. Figurative marks.
3. Mixed marks and,
4. Three-dimensional marks.

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Registration of international marks

In what countries should I register my trademark?

In all countries where it markets its products or provides services.

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